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The client comes first on every OSLO home remodel project; OSLO’s success depends on it. No matter what the scope of the project, whether it is a bathroom, kitchen, addition, or complete rehabilitation, OSLO gives full attention to every aspect of the job.


OSLO understands that when a project has started, it is of the utmost importance that the work gets done quickly and accurately. Remodeling projects are difficult to live through and costs can add up when families vacate the premise during the work. OSLO recognizes these issues and helps clients to lead productive lives during remodel projects.





Expanded Living Spaces


OSLO has expertise and experience with home additions. Whether it is building a second story or excavating adjacent to a basement, OSLO can help clients realize their vision of increasing the size of their


Additions can add significant value to a home as well as give a family much needed living space. However, an increase in square footage can affect many other systems of a home that other remodelers may not take under consideration, such as: how will the current HVAC system handle the increased volume, what are the outside drainage concerns, are there radon mitigation issues, does the new structure architecturally conform to the existing structure, is the design set to code, what are the electrical, gas, and plumbing issues that need to be addressed.


Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Professionals

The key to successful kitchen and bath projects is the understanding of the aspects of layout, lighting, and materials. While many remodelers understand these concepts, they often look past very important considerations such as door location, walking patterns, and visual pathways.


Kitchens have always been a focal point within a home, but until only recently have they become a place where the whole family gathers and often serve as a place for entertaining guests. This expanded use of the kitchen has become a source for many remodel projects.




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